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The Population becomes progressively older, physical activity and health are themes that are more and more in the center of attention and increasingly integrated into everyday life.


For company health care the preservation of fitness for employment and the reduction of internal downtime have become fixed elements in the management of resources.

Chronic diseases, diabetes, depression etc. impose a burden on society.

Primary and secondary prevention have to become more important.


black tuskTM Pro health

The right exercising makes you happy and reduces costs; this is exactly where black tuskTM solutions come in.


black tuskTM tools not only measure HRV, but combine it with GPS, monitoring and feedback systems. Analysis and communication are possible during use.


The black tuskTM product has now been further developed in order to record physical and mental stress during movement games that are played on game consoles such as Play Station, Xbox or Wii. Additional sensors (acceleration, motion detection etc.) are available.


Trainings of physiotherapy and music therapy can be transmitted to home environment and strengthen the compliance of the patients and thus contribute to therapy success.


The game console mutates into a health-/fitness console.


With the monitoring described above series of exercises can be distributed easily and in combination with the sensors the effect of the exercises can be observed and analyzed over a longer period of time. Thus effective exercises can be recognized and systematically improved.



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